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Collecting Art

Being an art collector is a prestigious image many high-end professionals are seeking, though collecting art is not only about image; it is about passion, love and desire for the art. It is about the recognition of the part art plays in our lives.

But collecting art looks like a hard thing to do, one that requires available financial resources, knowledge and a network. Maybe it is true; but I believe that this is not necessarily the case.

That is why I started this blog.

Articles like How to Collect Art When You Aren’t a Billionaire — or Even a Millionaire or the story of Joseph Kouli, who managed to build a respectable art collection at the age of 35, will inspire you and will give you tips, recommendations and knowledge to start your own collection.

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I chose to categorize this blog to major subjects such as Art and Economy, Art and Technology and Art Market, though there are more subjects such as Art Startups and more. I highly encourage you to explore the different categories since there are times theses subjects overlap, intersect or cover different fields.

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