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Creativity at Work

Business companies are seeking to increase their employees’ creativity in order to increase the business performance through constant innovation. This search after the ways to increase creativity in business, to gain constant business innovation, to develop creative thinking skills and creative techniques brought companies to turn to the art world.

The awareness of the value of art for business (and the value of creativity) is increasing in the business sectors constantly. There are many developments in the connection between art and business; connections that can be seen in new trends such as venture capital firms hiring designers as part of their teams and in conversations such as why the future of innovation belongs to artists.

Art is used not only to increase creativity but also to assist in organizational changes. Through artistic interventions and art implementation techniques in management, companies seek bigger, more efficient and better results.

This blog aims to expose you to interesting intersections between art and business, to bring you examples, knowledge and data about how art takes a role in business and how artists, entrepreneurs and business men and women collaborate.

I chose to categorize this blog to major subjects such as Art and Economy, Art and Technology and Art Market, though there are more subjects such as Art Startups or Collecting Art. I highly encourage you to explore the different categories since there are times theses subjects overlap, intersect or cover different fields.

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