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Why Should You Hire Artists to Your Company?

It is a complex business world we live in and the increase of complexity is accelerating! Companies deal with many business aspects and fight for innovation and creativity. Companies are

New Museum Incubator is now accepting applications!

In previous post I wrote about the New Museum incubator for art, technology and design which will be opening in the summer of 2014. This week, the new incubator, which

What Contemporary Art Can Teach CEO’s

Before reading this interview by Andrew M. Goldstein, published at ArtSpace, I thought to myself: how can CEOs and managers learn from Contemporary Art? This interview with entrepreneur Dana Beth Ardi deals

ARCO Art Fair is on this week in Madrid, Spain

ARCO Art Fair, the leading art fair of Spain will open this week on Wednesday 19 and will run untill Sunday 23. This year the fair opens with new hope, that

Using Art to Revive Economy

  8.02.2014   nhindi   Art and Economy, Blog Posts

It is a valid truth that the creative class contributes to the economy of cities and companies. However, this is not recognized when economists discuss ways to boost local economies.

The Art of Business and the Business of Art

“ARTISTS TODAY ARE ENTREPRENEURS” – Here is a TED lecture that I find very interesting and can give many insights on how artists should incorporate business thinking and how business

Are The Art Market Prices Rising Up Too High?

  16.01.2014   Nir Hindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

Many of my friends and colleagues ask me if there is a bubble in the art world? Are these high prices normal? I have to confess that I find it

Are You Interested in Buying Art? Here Are Few Misconceptions about Buying Art that You Need to Know of

I came back from the holidays which was wonderful to bring you more information, data and knowledge regarding the art world. I wonder how 2014 will look like. As you

2013 Culture Quiz – Come Test Yourself

Just before 2013 comes to its end, here is a culture quiz published at Huffington post. Which exhibition was a blockbuster one? Which Rapper launched his new album in art

2014 Must See Art Exhibitions

This time of the year, the holidays season, gives us the opportunity to plan our next year vacation…. If you are art enthusiasts, you might want to plan your next