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Art Market & Infrastructure

  24.12.2013   Nir Hindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

A panel took place at Skate’s Art Market Research and Mana Contemporary International Art Industry Forum, New York in last November. For more details on the forum click: http://www.artindustryforum.com/events/past/Art-Market-Infrastructure This

Now It’s the Los Angeles Museum’s Turn to Integrate Technology with Art

Few weeks ago i wrote about the new initIative of the New Museum and its Startups incubator. Now its the Los Angeles County Museum of Art turns to integrate Technology with

Corporate Social Responsibility and Art

Since cave times people have used art as a means of communication and expression using whichever tools are around them. The role of the artist is often said to be

How Museums are Taking the Tech World into Consideration

After reading and hearing about the New Museum New Startups Incubator, I encountered more and more information about Art and Tech. I wonder why (or shall I not?) but most

Startup The Art Brings creativity to your organization

I don’t know if its a trend or already established collaboration but recently I find more and more articles about art startups, incubators that focus on art and creative fields,

How to Look at Art

How to Look at Art is a nice comics made by Grant Snider and was published on Meduim. Snider describes himself as “Creator of Incidental Comics by night. Mover of

Can Creativity Save the Business World?

Creativity became THE buzz word in the business world. CEO’s, business leaders, government representative all are dealing with the question – how to navigate our societies in a constant changing

Seven leading artists meets Seven luminary technologists

The New Museum seems to be a leading institution in combining technology and art. Besides the NEWINC, its up-coming startup incubator for the creative field; it’s organizing a cool, fun

John Maeda: How Art, Technology and Design Inform Creative Leaders

John Maeda is an interesting person. He is a designer, engineer, artist with MBA (Master in Business Administration) which manage to combine all these subjects in his life. I found

Why Should Businesses Support Art? Here are 10 reasons why.

On many occasions we see art organizations and institutions that are searching for funding in the business world; unfortunately many of these requests for support are being denied. Small businesses