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Can Young People Collect Art?

Is a valid question, isn’t? Most of us read the news and see the imaginary prices of art which the majority of us will never be able to pay. When

The Great Contemporary Art Bubble

  I Saw this movie, produce by Ben Lewis (Twitter @artsafarist), few days ago and it made me think where does the art world go? Since the movie was published

The New Art Patrons Are The Tech Guys

Silicon Valley power players, from Marissa Mayer to Marc Andreessen, are beginning to buy art—and museum directors and dealers are eager to help; Creating a ‘farm team’ of young donors. 

Lessons Learned From The Art Market Crash of 2008

  24.11.2013   Nir Hindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

Though it is a bit old, i still think that this video can gain you with insights about the Art market. This video was taken during the Art & Finance

The Art World Comes Closer to The Tech World

I always claims that Art, Business, Technology….its all about creativity…..how interesting is to hear that the New York’s New Museum, a leading museum based in NYC,  will launch an incubator for

How to Collect Art When You aren’t a Billionaire – or Even a Millionaire

I found the story of Herb and Dorothy Vogel an amazing one. Dorothy, a librarian and Herb, post office employee managed to build one of the most important Art collection in

Collecting Art for Love, Money and More – A Book to Read

“Collecting Art For Love, Money and More is an insider’s guide for both the novice and experienced buyer. It reveals the motivations and secrets of successful collectors as well as

Beginning to Collect Art – A Panel Discussion (Part 2)

Beginning to Collect, a panel discussion (Part Two) from NYFA on Vimeo.   Interested in building your own art collection? Get more information in Collecting Art Category. For more updates

Beginning to Collect Art – A Panel Discussion (Part 1)

An interesting panel discussion hosted by NYFA which I found useful to understand more about collecting art. Watch the second part on the following post. Beginning to Collect, a panel

Why Artsy Is Succeeding In Putting The Art World Online?

Why Artsy Is Succeeding In Putting The Art World Online? How technology and startups changing the Art world? Why is Artsy, the hottest name in the Art-Tech world is so