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How to Grow Better Entrepreneurs, What Accelerators and Incubators are missing

  11.08.2015   nhindi   Entrepreneurship

It seems that in the recent years entrepreneurs are the new rock stars. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, business schools are shifting towards entrepreneurship curriculums, and more and more

Artists, Entrepreneurs and designers, are you looking to leave London? Here is where you should go

  20.07.2015   nhindi   Entrepreneurship

  I just read an interview with Rohan Silva on Dezeen. The interview was discussing the future of London creative industries and the risks involved. The example discussed in the

Google Startup Launch

  16.04.2015   nhindi   Entrepreneurship, Personal

Entrepreneurship and art are two subjects that are close to my heart and reside in my life. In a previous post I wrote why entrepreneurs are artists and in another

“50 Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur” by John Rampton

It took me many years to understand that entrepreneurship is a mindset; that it is a long journey with many obstacles and disappointments as well as great moments. Few days

Q&A With Howard Lindzon

I had the honor to ask Howard Lindzon few questions as part of his participation in Venture Day at IE Business school. Howard is an entrepreneur, investor, and business angel. Here

The Mind of the Strategist

  12.01.2014   nhindi   Entrepreneurship, Personal

As preparation for my first class in Strategy i was required to read the The Mind of the strategist (The Mind of the Strategist: The Art of Japanese Business, McGraw-Hill, 1982.).