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Everything You Need to Know For The Coming Weekend of Art in Madrid

  7.09.2014   nhindi   Personal

Source: ARTE_Madrid Madrid is a great city for Art and Culture and I was surprised to discover all the beautiful galleries in Madrid. Every year in September there is an

Re-discovering Artists in the North of Spain

  18.08.2014   nhindi   Personal

Summer in the Basque Country, north of Spain is beautiful. This area has this combination of weather – some days are sunny and hot, the others are cloudy and rainy.

DesayunArte – Madrid, Art and Information

  13.07.2014   nhindi   Personal

From an art perspective, Madrid is well known for its leading museums, mostly Prado and Reina Sofia. However, Madrid is much more than that. Beside its leading museums, beautiful architecture,

Art Basel 2014 Experience

  29.06.2014   nhindi   Personal

Last week I flew to Basel, Switzerland for the 2014 Art Basel exposition; what an exciting experience! The atmosphere in the city, the people, the fashion, and the parties are

Art Nature vs. Nurture

  25.05.2014   nhindi   Personal

On March 26, the IE Arts & Business Club had the honor to host Alejandro de Villota Ruiz for an exciting speech on the “Art Nature vs. Nurture”. Alejandro is

Art and Business – Networking Event

  6.04.2014   Nir Hindi   Personal

My involvement in the art and business world led me to create common events for the professionals of this world. One of these events we hosted in the museum was

Visiting ARCO Art Fair

  27.02.2014   nhindi   Personal

Spain’s leading art fair, the ARCO art fair, took place this weekend. It was a great event with international spirit to boost the energy. After two days aimed to attract

Tel-Aviv – A Unique Startup Hub

  27.02.2014   Nir Hindi   Personal

“Really? Is that true? I didn’t know that!”  That is the common reaction I’m getting when I tell that Tel-Aviv was ranked at the startup Genome project as the second best Startup’s Eco-system

Jose Manuel Ciria – A unique Artist Talk

  22.01.2014   Nir Hindi   Personal

On Thursday, January 16 the IE art and business club had its first event for 2014. We had the honor to be hosted by José Manuel Ciria. José Manuel Ciria

The Mind of the Strategist

  12.01.2014   nhindi   Entrepreneurship, Personal

As preparation for my first class in Strategy i was required to read the The Mind of the strategist (The Mind of the Strategist: The Art of Japanese Business, McGraw-Hill, 1982.).