The Art & Tech events series organized by TheArtian are hands-on, real life examples at the intersection of art, technology and entrepreneurship. These events are among the most attended events in Campus Madrid and which expose attendees to new, inspirational, interesting and creative content.

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After the long and hot Spanish summer, We are Back at Campus Madrid for the last part of 2017. We are excited to have a Carlos Ferrando, founder and CEO of Closca. CLOSCA was born to add a touch of style, design and good taste to both their customers and the cities where they live.

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A Creative Life: Architecture, Art and Personal Entrepreneurship LIVE

We are back on Campus Madrid with our Monthly Art & Tech event series and this time we will host Jaime Sicilia. Sicilia is an architect by training, who became an architecture photographer; later on became an entrepreneur and in the recent years he creates art.

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Art Time Files (Arte y Archivos Digitales)

In our kick-off event for 2017 we will host Solimán López, the new media artist! López will share with us his research on the meaning of digital and its conceptual application to avant-garde art. In his art, López focuses on the analysis of the applications that technology offers to contemporary creativity and how it must adapt to new means of expression. By listening to López, we will arrive at one conclusion: Avant-garde art is based largely on digital files.

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Art & Space: When Artists and Scientists Explore Black Holes

This time we will host S.I.E (Space Interactional Experience) Group – an interdisciplinary art, science, and technology group whose key divulgative concern is to bring people “one step closer” to the immensity of the physical reality perceived through the limits of human knowledge /cognition. In this exciting event, they will talk about what brought them together, and they will present their first project “sound sculpture”!

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Innovation and leadership lessons from Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso is back with our monthly Art & Tech events this time we will host Prof. Sandra Comas for a conversation about innovation and leadership though the works of Leonardo da Vince and Pablo Piccaso. da Vinci and Picasso were perpetual innovators, showing us how and what we see.

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Technology at The Service of Art

Iñaki Arredondo, CEO & co-founder of Seocnd Canvas, discussed the influence of technology on art. Second Canvas, the online app, provides museums with full content control in multi-device apps, over everything from new temporary or digital exhibits to play&learn games, social conversations, museum information and the details and interactive elements of a gigapixel image.

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The Artist as Entrepreneur

This month we are back with a presentation on the artist as entrepreneur by Oscar Gimenez. While we tend to think about artists and entrepreneurs as different communities, they are actually more similar than we think. Entrepreneurs and artists are, in many ways, alike.

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Disrupting the Art World: Art Startups

This time we will host three entrepreneurs who are in the mission to disrupt the art world in different ways. Moderated by Andrea Herrada Maíz, Art Professional at AP Gallery, and including Abián R. Zaya, founder & CEO at ITgallery software, Álvaro Almería, co-founder and CEO at, and Enrique del Río founder & CEO at WeCollect Club.

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Campus Art Day

#CampusArtDay in collaboration with Campus Madrid and Yorokobu, the creativity and innovation magazine. Artists painting the walls, Google new Virtual Reality painting tool, and a talk by Pablo Rubio, owner and creative Director of Erretres, The Strategic Design Company on “How Art Inspires Branding Experiences in a the Business World”.

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