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Six Lessons For Entrepreneurs From The Legendary Designer Dieter Rams (and Who Want to Create Great Companies Like Apple)
nhindi | 18 October

It is no secret that Apple, today’s most valuable brand in the world, is a product design oriented company. The

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Young Professional? Here is How to Start Your Art Collection Without Budget
nhindi | 9 October

  When it comes to collecting art many young professionals are intimated. The newspapers and websites are filled with crazy,

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5 Habits Leaders and Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Successful Artists
nhindi | 1 October

  Few weeks ago I read this insightful article on the Huffington Post written by Catherine Orer so I wrote Catherine directly

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Similarities Between Startups Angel Investing and Collecting Art
nhindi | 24 September

  Is it strange to think that angel investing in startups and collecting art as being similar? I guess for

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What is The New Hobby of Tech Entrepreneurs and How Does Paul Allen, Microsoft’s Co-Founder, Play a role?
nhindi | 17 September

If you are a tech entrepreneur you are probably familiar with some of the last years’ hobbies in trend for

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Alex Chung – Interview
nhindi | 8 September

I’m always looking to share the experiences and knowledge entrepreneurs have when engaging with art. I truly believe that entrepreneurs

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Where Should Google Art Project Go?
nhindi | 31 August

  Google Art Project is a project that I value and love the most from Google, and is one of my

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Art Collectors – Should you or Should You Not engage with artists?
nhindi | 18 August

  When it comes to collecting art the reasons that motivate one tend to vary. Though the reasons are in

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Art is Data – Guest Post by Juan Luis Suarez
nhindi | 10 August

  I’m honored to have Juan Luis Suarez, the head of CulturalPlex, as a guest writer on The Artian. We

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The Dictatorship of Art – Jonathan Meese
nhindi | 7 August


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Luxury Brands Are Changing the Game in Supporting Art
nhindi | 3 August

  Big corporations and luxury brands that support the arts is nothing new. I wrote about it in the past

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When Developers meet Art – Interview with Isabel Draves
nhindi | 29 July

    Digital artists and digital art seem to be becoming more and more popular. Though digital artists were active

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