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Interview to M21 88.6 Radio
The Artian | 7 February
We had a great pleasure participate in Perspectives show at M21 88.6 Radio. During this session, we discussed creativity and
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EL MUNDO, One of Spain’s leading newspapers FEATURED THE ARTIAN
The Artian | 1 February

We are so excited and thankful to be interviewed by Esther Paniagua, the award winner as “the best science and technology journalist

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Campus Creativity Week – Post Event
The Artian | 22 January
Finished! Google Campus Creativity in partnership with The Artian and The Gaudi Inspired team. During the week of January 15,
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Google Creativity Week in partnership with The Artian and Gaudi Foundation
The Artian | 9 January
Exciting to join Campus Madrid, a Google Space, for a Creativity Week. A whole week where art, design, technology, and
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The Artian Post US Tour
The Artian | 22 December
WOW!! what a month we had! The first Artian tour in the US was great! Meeting so many great people,
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The Artian | 13 November
We are thrilled to share with you the upcoming tour of The Artian in the US. Organized and planned by
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Art in Tech Vertical at South Summit Summary
nhindi | 1 November
Almost one month passed since the first Art in Tech Vertical at South Summit, Spain's largest conference for startups and
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ARTE ONLINE MADRID – Big data, technology and online sales
nhindi | 21 October

We are happy to join the Arte Online Madrid, the yearly conference in Spain dedicated to the art world. Organized

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The Artian | 28 September

We are grateful for Ana Delgado from a leading online and offline magazine that covers the entrepreneurial ecosystem in

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South Summit Art & Culture Vertical AGENDA
The Artian | 25 September
For the first time since its foundation, South Summit will hold a vertical dedicated to the world of Art &
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Our founder joined Thinking Heads, one of Europe’s leading speakers’ agents
The Artian | 29 August
We are excited to announce that our founder has joined Thinking Heads, one of Europe's leading speaking agency. Thinking Heads
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The Artian and South Summit, Spain’s Leading Startups Conference
nhindi | 21 August
We are so excited and thrilled to bring you great news. As you know, since January 2016, we have been
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