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The Artian is proud to join as one of Sonar D+ partners, ONE OF THE WORLD’S LEADING FESTIVALS
nhindi | 16 March

We are so proud to join as one of Sonar+D festival! Sónar+D is the international conference that brings together a

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Talking To Google For Entrepreneurs Global Team
The Artian | 15 March
Big pleasure to be invited among two other entrepreneurs to spake to Google For Entrepreneurs global team while they visited
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Nir Hindi in an Interview to Rakontant
The Artian | 16 December

We are grateful to Maria Gonzalez for taking the time and interview Nir Hindi to Rakontant. Rakontant is a magazine dedicated

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Interview to Rewisor Magazine
The Artian | 13 December
On December 12, we had the great pleasure to host Rewisor Magazine in our Art & Space event. Rewisor, an
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