Presentations and talks

In his various talks and workshops, Nir invites us to return to renaissance thinking – combining art with engineering, science, and technology. Nir especially advocates the connection between artistic talent and business entrepreneurship, two areas that fuel each other and provide endless opportunities for mutual learning. Contact him to discuss the options for an inspirational and eye-opening lecture or workshop at your event.

In an era when companies struggle to be innovative and creative, compete on talent, and constantly look for the next big thing, Nir inspires listeners to think differently about innovation and creativity, emphasizing the shift in mindset required of business professionals in order to lead in the future. Two of his major topics are:

A Renaissance of Renaissance Thinking

In this session, Nir advocates the connection between business success and renaissance thinking – combining the brain of a scientist with the empathy and sensibility of an artist. Using examples of leaders in the business world that have already capitalized on the synergy of art and science, he raises questions such as: is it the balance between the right brain and the left brain that made this person or company successful? How can we accomplish this balance? Why should we do it? These questions help to initiate a change in paradigm.

Why Business Innovation May Come From The Art

In this session, Nir explores the impact that art has on the innovation process. Through examples from the past and resent of companies such as Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), he shows how art can be utilized in the development of both products and innovation skills, why art and science work together, and how companies can use this connection to add innovation to their toolkit.

The topics above include some of the major themes I am asked to speak on, but they are by no means the
only themes I speak on. I have also done niche keynotes around specific topics. If you have an idea for a session that isn’t listed above, please contact me and we can explore it.

TheArtian brings an outstanding approach to the world of innovation training., fresh and innovative by its own. Art, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship used to be connected, yet we separated them; through great examples, tips and practical ideas TheArtian show us why and how to connect them again, more importantly, they teach us how we can take advantage on this unique intersection.

Francisco Martínez Delgado, Director at Celera Accelerator

 From the first moment, Nir takes you on a mind-blowing journey to the importance of art in the lives of established business figures and how it stimulated their creative thinking. The presentation was unconventional and one of the most unique I have ever attended. The articulated message transmitted is a must for every professional who wants to stay relevant in a rapidly changing and competitive business world. It completely changed my perspective.

Assaf van Trienen, co-founder, Practix Innovative Workout

“The structure, visuals and Nir as presenter were amazing. Great catching story at the beginning, the references of the theory of business and art were just on point, the examples of how art and businesses are tied were very contemporary and the final key learnings were good facts to leave the session thinking on actions. Love it!”

MBA Student, IE Business School

“All human beings need both sides of the brain to live and to do great things: for that reason, entrepreneurs, scientists and business world in general need creativity to plan and create disruptive products, services and technologies. Thanks to this premise, Nir illustrates the link between art and business with great examples; he demonstrates deep knowledge of creativity and business opportunities showing his passion during his entire presentation.”

Alessandra Bartolomeo, IED, Istituto Europeo di Design

“Many of us like art. Some because it’s what they do. Others because it’s a business. Few managed to understand what art can do for businesses. Through iconic examples and personal experiences, The Artian invites us to reconnect with our artistic streak and put it to work. Especially now that we hear everything is changing but we don’t know where it’s going, I realised that businesses should learn from artists.”

Laurent Hardy, Oil and Gas Industry Professional

“It’s difficult to find someone who talks about art and entrepreneurship with his outlook. Nir has a surprising and clarifying way to connect different cultural facts, indeed unknown by most of the professionals attending his speech. He made us discover and rethink the stirring connection between art and entrepreneurs.” 

Anna Vilanova, Head of The Professional Area, Fira Mediterrània de Manresa Conference