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Marek Zabicki, entrepreneur and founder of Arteia in an Interview

At The Artian we frequently write about the intersection between art and entrepreneurship. We already wrote in the past why we believe that entrepreneurs and artists are alike. So interviewing entrepreneurs that

Alex Chung – Interview

I’m always looking to share the experiences and knowledge entrepreneurs have when engaging with art. I truly believe that entrepreneurs and artists have many things in common. I was so grateful

Entrepreneurship is an Art Not a Job – Steve Blank

  2.07.2015   nhindi   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

The more I’m digging into the similarities between artists and entrepreneurs the more I see many successful tech leaders that think on the same line: that there is a strong

Juan Miró – Artist and Entrepreneur

  12.05.2015   nhindi   Art and Business, Blog Posts

I got the chance to visit Barcelona to participate in the second edition of Google launch pad (read more about it here). Barcelona is not only a tech city, but

Why Entrepreneurs Are The Artists of The Business World?

  30.09.2014   nhindi   Art and Business, Blog Posts

“Entrepreneurs are the artists of the business world” says Kevin Daum, a theater graduate, entrepreneur and author. In his article for JOURNAL OF BUSINESS STRATEGY, Mr. Daum explains why artists

The Art of Business and the Business of Art

“ARTISTS TODAY ARE ENTREPRENEURS” – Here is a TED lecture that I find very interesting and can give many insights on how artists should incorporate business thinking and how business