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Living Between The Digital and Analog Worlds – An Interview With The Artist Enrique Radigales

  I’m meeting Enrique on one rainy winter day in his Madrid’s home studio in a rising neighborhood which used to be the Jewish quarter and now has become the

Art – The New Means to Boost Creativity in Startups

Everyone knows Steve Jobs, the genius who knew how to create innovative, beautiful and extremely futuristic products. The master in combining ideas, technology and art in ways that invented the

What is The New Hobby of Tech Entrepreneurs and How Does Paul Allen, Microsoft’s Co-Founder, Play a role?

If you are a tech entrepreneur you are probably familiar with some of the last years’ hobbies in trend for people like you; among them surfing and kiteboarding. Kiteboarding, for

Alex Chung – Interview

I’m always looking to share the experiences and knowledge entrepreneurs have when engaging with art. I truly believe that entrepreneurs and artists have many things in common. I was so grateful

Art is Data – Guest Post by Juan Luis Suarez

  I’m honored to have Juan Luis Suarez, the head of CulturalPlex, as a guest writer on The Artian. We met each other at IE Business school and our common

When Developers meet Art – Interview with Isabel Draves

    Digital artists and digital art seem to be becoming more and more popular. Though digital artists were active from the 60’s, it wasn’t until the recent years that

Art and Tech in Barcelona

  2.05.2015   nhindi   Blog Posts, Personal

Two weeks ago I found myself in Barcelona. That great beach city has a lot to offer and my trip focused on two: startups and art (wait for my post

Hack The Art World – The Counter Digital Art Exhibition

It is not a secret that digital art is taking a more central place in the art scene. New technologies attract more people to create artworks in the digital medium.

Apple’s New Art Project

Apple, one of the leading companies in design and art, does it again. At the end of December the company launched its new global campaign for its new project “Start

How Art Makes Engineering More Powerful

“Art is not about being decorative but it is a different way of communicating ideas,  and in fact one that can bridge the world of knowledge and insights” said Bran