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Marek Zabicki, entrepreneur and founder of Arteia in an Interview

At The Artian we frequently write about the intersection between art and entrepreneurship. We already wrote in the past why we believe that entrepreneurs and artists are alike. So interviewing entrepreneurs that

Young Professional? Here is How to Start Your Art Collection Without Budget

  9.10.2015   nhindi   Blog Posts, Collecting Art

  When it comes to collecting art many young professionals are intimated. The newspapers and websites are filled with crazy, dreamingly prices of art. That kind of prices that make

Similarities Between Startups Angel Investing and Collecting Art

  24.09.2015   nhindi   Blog Posts, Collecting Art

  Is it strange to think that angel investing in startups and collecting art as being similar? I guess for many of us the link between the two is not

What is The New Hobby of Tech Entrepreneurs and How Does Paul Allen, Microsoft’s Co-Founder, Play a role?

If you are a tech entrepreneur you are probably familiar with some of the last years’ hobbies in trend for people like you; among them surfing and kiteboarding. Kiteboarding, for