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Marek Zabicki, entrepreneur and founder of Arteia in an Interview

At The Artian we frequently write about the intersection between art and entrepreneurship. We already wrote in the past why we believe that entrepreneurs and artists are alike. So interviewing entrepreneurs that

Art is Data – Guest Post by Juan Luis Suarez

  I’m honored to have Juan Luis Suarez, the head of CulturalPlex, as a guest writer on The Artian. We met each other at IE Business school and our common

Art Startup – Depict

  14.07.2015   nhindi   Art Startups, Blog Posts

From time to time I like to write about Art Startups. It seems that this is the new hot topic as I can’t follow the number of new startups dedicated

MIT New Art Startups Initiative

  13.03.2015   nhindi   Art Startups, Blog Posts

In the past years we have seen a new development in tech incubators – more vertical incubators that specialized in a specific field such as Big Data, FinTech, Saas etc. –

Art Startups – ArtBinder Raised $3.17M

  13.08.2014   nhindi   Art Startups, Blog Posts

One of the trends that keep increasing and keep attracting more investors as well as entrepreneurs is the art market. Startups for online sales such as Paddle8, Auctionata and others