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Artists, Entrepreneurs and designers, are you looking to leave London? Here is where you should go

  20.07.2015   nhindi   Entrepreneurship

  I just read an interview with Rohan Silva on Dezeen. The interview was discussing the future of London creative industries and the risks involved. The example discussed in the

Google Startup Launch

  16.04.2015   nhindi   Entrepreneurship, Personal

Entrepreneurship and art are two subjects that are close to my heart and reside in my life. In a previous post I wrote why entrepreneurs are artists and in another

Engaging MBA’s With Art

  18.03.2015   nhindi   Personal

Engaging young professionals with art is, in many ways, a personal belief I have. I truly believe that art contributes to one’s life and can provide mental, emotional, social and

Soledad Lorenzo – an Interview

  5.02.2015   nhindi   Blog Posts, Interviews

I entered the Paper Pavilion to meet Soledad Lorenzo, one of the most influential women in the history of the Spanish art scene. Lorenzo has come to IE Business School

Tel-Aviv – A Unique Startup Hub

  27.02.2014   Nir Hindi   Personal

“Really? Is that true? I didn’t know that!”  That is the common reaction I’m getting when I tell that Tel-Aviv was ranked at the startup Genome project as the second best Startup’s Eco-system

Gallery Tour in Madrid

  1.12.2013   Nir Hindi   Personal

My vision and passion for the intertwining of the Art and Business worlds lead me to co-establish the official IE Art and Business Club alongside with my fellow students and