The Artian is Transdisciplinary Training Company

We apply methods and practices from the art world and combine them with knowledge from the business and entrepreneurship worlds to help organizations create and foster a creative and innovative environment that “fuses” art, engineering, technology, and science.

Through seminars, research, community events, workshops and presentations, TheArtian exposes, promotes, and educates about the value of Art in business, fostering collaboration between creative fields and the business world.

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We offer keynotes presentations and talks, in which we invite our listeners to return to Renaissance thinking – combining art with engineering, science, and technology.

We advocate the connection between artistic talent and business entrepreneurship – two areas that fuel each other and provide endless opportunities for mutual learning. Want to Know More?

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“Art is Not Supposed to Repeat What You Know. It is Supposed to Ask Questions”

Kutlug Ataman

“Art Without Engineering is Dreaming. Engineering Without Art is Calculating.”

Steven K. Roberts

“I Think Great Artists and Great Engineers are Similar, in That They Both Have a Desire to Express Themselves.”

Steve Jobs

“Entrepreneurship is an Art Not a Job”

Steve Blank

“Entrepreneurs Are The Artists of The Business World”

Kevin Daum

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