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Art and Finance

Art and finance or “Art Banking” are terms that describe the recent year’s development in investments’ assets. The trends in this new investment field (investing in art, using art as collateral or acquiring art by finance) are bringing constant development in investment tools and methods, in highly skilled professionals, in increased demand for service and in increased supply by leading financial institutions.

I started this blog to spread the knowledge and information I find. In this blog I will bring articles, research and data about art and finance: research such as “the Art and Finance Report” by Deloitte or this professional panel about the Art Market & Infrastructure will help you to expand your knowledge and get familiar with more data and materials that can help you in understanding the intersection of art and finance better.

I chose to categorize this blog to major subjects such as Art and Economy, Art and Technology and javító Art Market, though there are more subjects such as Art Startups or Collecting Art. I highly encourage you to explore the different categories since there are times theses subjects overlap, intersect or cover different fields.

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