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Art and Technology

I started this blog since I found out that there is a notion that art is disconnected from business and economy; in many ways, wholesale mlb jerseys even the total opposite of each other. I claim differently. I think these worlds share common things. I believe that in order for businesses and societies to flourish and succeed in the future, they should embrace and engage with art.

Technology influences our lives in so many ways; SINH the influence of technology on culture is no different. The way technology inspires new digital artists, improves cheap nfl jerseys the way we interact with art or pushes entrepreneurs to disturb this market is interesting perspective and exciting. These changes are represented in cheap nba jerseys this Art and Business blog through examples of Google’s support in digital media, Google art project or interesting art startups that are popping up everywhere.

I chose to categorize this blog to the following major subjects: Art and Economy, Art and Technology and Art Market, though there are more subjects such as Art Startups or Collecting Art. I highly encourage you to explore the & different categories since there are times theses subjects overlap, intersect or cover different fields.

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