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Is it possible? Will it be impactful? Am I going to results?

These, we guess, are some of the questions managers are asking when thinking about online training. Getting used to the “new normal” often involves having teams spread physically and connected virtually.

We know it is a hard task to do, but we are making it possible. The Artian learning experiences are available online, and they intend to help you with:


With our unique Artistic Perspective keynotes, we bring new knowledge and inspire teams to rethink the possibilities at work. These keynotes infuse energy in teams by allowing them to disconnect and see opportunities at the intersection of art and their work. Some of our well-known keynotes are Renaissance of Renaissance Thinking – Why Business Needs The Art, Why Business Innovation May Come From The Arts, and more.


COVID19 demonstrated that risk plans were inefficient because of the scope and surprise it brought. By building more creative and curious teams that can respond on time and offer alternatives, organizations can tackle risks better. With our Artistic Capabilities learning experiences, we train your employees to come up with better options and offerings, be more creative, and forward-looking in their activities. Some of our Artistic Capabilities include observation skills, questionings, and ideating practices.


We are using Zoom as the go-to-platform but always experiment with new ways of communicating ideas and building employees’ capabilities.

Why Art in Business? 

Art is not an object; it is a mindset—a very innovative one. Art mindset is what we believe is needed more than ever in the after pandemic new business environment. This mindset includes skills, behaviors, and attitudes such as becoming curious, dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty, reviving imagination, and building capabilities such as observation, active and empathetic listening, and much more.


Want to start small? Check our new developed offering for the online.

Introduction to Artistic Mindset for Business Professional

a two-hour interactive workshop that aims to ignite the curiosity in your employees, explore the practice of ideas, ask better questions, and more. Possibly behaviors and skills that are needed for an era of uncertainty and ambiguity – an era that requires the ability to re-imagine our industries while keeping results.

The topics above include some of the major themes of The Artian, but they are by no means the only themes we deal with. We have also done niche activities around specific topics. If you have an idea for a session that isn’t listed above, please contact us, and we can explore it.