Nir Hindi

“Art is not an object; it is a mindset. A way of thinking and operating in the world.”

Nir has two great passions from a young age: art and entrepreneurship. For years, he has believed in the power of art to drive originality and novelty in business but was searching for the how. Until he discovered the way artists think, work, and create. More importantly, why it is relevant to business.

Nir has been evangelizing since then the concept of Art Mindset in business, a mindset that is necessary for the future of organizations. As part, he is devoted to fostering Renaissance Thinking ‒ combining art with engineering, science, and technology. He especially advocates the connection between artistic talent and business entrepreneurship, two areas that fuel each other and provide endless opportunities for mutual learning.

Nir is part of the training professionals of Headsprings a Financial Times|IE Corporate Learning Alliance; a visiting professor in IE Business School, one of Europe’s leading business schools, Executive Programs; a core faculty at the Master for Design and Innovation in IED; both in Madrid, Spain. Nir was chosen as one of the 100 experts of Cotec, the organization for promoting innovation in Spain, charied by the Felipe VI, the Spanish King.

Nir is the author of the Japanese book “Renaissance of Renaissance Thinking ‒ a New Paradigm in Management”.

El Financiero | Bloomberg, Mexico

Canal 13, Colombia

INNpulsa, Colombia

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