Hey... THE ARTIAN is pronounced The Ar-Tee-an

We are a transdisciplinary training company committed to nurturing an artistic mindset in the business environment.

our purpose in life

To Shape Original Minds Through Art

We blend the artist’s imagination with the entrepreneur’s execution so that organizations can be more creative, more empathetic, more forward-looking.

Our goal is to design and deliver meaningful trainings and services that will ignite new andoriginal learnings to people.

our history

The Artian is a result of the two passions of Nir Hindi, our founder: art and entrepreneurship.

Years of working in the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem and building relationships with artists showed him that both, the entrepreneur and artist, have much in common and much more to learn from each other.

In today’s economic environment the answer to new business challenge lie at the convergence and intersection of disciplines. These realizations led us to start a company that synthesize knowledge from both worlds so art in business can become a tool to help organizations face management challenges.

we believe

There are many streotypes about art and artists. Working in the intersection of both art and entrepreneurship,
we discovered many insights. The main ones.

Creativity is a commitment.
It is not a matter of resources.

Art is not an object;
It is a mindset.

Artists are trained to create.
Business professionals are trained to execute.

Organizations need execution, but won’t
survive without imagination.

Only innovative and creative people build
innovative and creative organizations.

Artists look to the future and
try to create it.

What can we create together?