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by | Dec 3, 2014

20x200-logoIn my Art Startups posts I’m covering interesting startups I find. In the following post, I will present another interesting story. Perhaps the biggest problem when it comes to works of art is that people have the notion that they are expensive. In addition, most people believe that it is very hard to get their hands on authentic, valuable works of art. Art lovers do not have to worry about these things anymore with 20X200.

Founded in 2007, 20×200 make it very easy to access and purchase curated works of art including limited edition pieces. 20X200 will help you find the best works of art that are perfect for you at very affordable prices. Since its founding, 20X200 has been introducing the world to art and introducing new and promising artists to the art market. It has been satisfying the needs of art collectors and art aficionados with different choices for their different tastes and preferences.

After more than a thousand art pieces were released and with its roster of more than 300 artists continuing to grow, we can say that 20X200 understands the needs of art lovers and the needs of artists. This practicality essentially led to the conception of 20X200. It believes that art is for everyone and does not have to be limited to galleries, museums, and the properties of the rich and famous. 20X200 is dedicated to its goal of allowing everyone to indulge in their artistic desires and nurture their passion for art.

The Founder

Its founder, Jen Bekman, understands art lovers’ needs and came up with a way to cater to these needs.  Bekman developed her understanding after establishing, in 2003, her own gallery that carries her name. Jen Bekman Gallery is located in New York. Besides showcasing different works of art in a wide variety of media, the gallery also holds different art contests including the popular international photography contest called Hey, Hot Shot!

The Investors

This startup has earned the trust of 11 investors and has earned $2.8 million in two rounds according to CrunchBase.

Its list of investors includes Mike Brown Jr., Founder Collective, Zach Klein, James Joaquin, Adam D. Smith, Naveen Selvadurai (Foursquare),  Emma Fiszman, Fred Krueger, Antony Van Couvering, Scott Heiferman (, True Ventures, SV Angel, Chris Dixon, Eric Paley, Joanne Wilson, Charles Smith, Nion McEvoy, and David Mahoney.

Small Business Rules: The Jen Bekman Projects Rule from 20×200 on Vimeo.

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