Art that works for you

by | May 19, 2021

On June 16, 2021, Nir took part in the panel “Art That Works For You” as part of the six sessions series Here We Art.

About the Series:

Welcome to a new and wonderful world: From New York, Paris, Madrid, and Tel Aviv – this is an invitation to join 17 success stories in 6 inspiring sessions that will make you rethink life with design and art.
It’s time to stop and think about how we can make the world a better place, discover things we’ve never seen before, and realize that something can be changed with art and design thinking – mysterious worlds that have the potential to make our lives much more exciting.

We know that art has become an isolated island whose entrance invites only a few. The event embarked on an innovative and surprising journey: to meet masters, artists, architects, and designers – those who have fruitful relationships with the art and design arena, and find answers to life now and in the future.

The event was divided into 6 scenarios. Six scenes, in which 17 fascinating individuals shared personal stories from Israel and abroad. Guests were exposed to the thinking behind the work of inspiring artists, their vision for the future, and their unique perspective on the present.

With the help of the masters we have chosen, we want to meet with art everywhere: on the walls of the house, on the city streets, in the hotel or in nature, and also in the digital space. Together with them, and with you we want to reconnect, stop, look at the world again and discover new things we have not seen before.

What can we create together?