Artists Teach Tech – An Online Workshop Series

by | Jan 18, 2022

Get immersed in the world of creative technology and learn how artists are implementing and materializing technology in unique ways.

About the Series:

Technology influences every aspect of our life, as such, it has even become the working material for many artists. Artworks of this nature often challenge the typical use of technology, criticize it, blend it, and offer a new perspective.

Supported by The Israeli Embassy in Spain, in this workshop series, we will witness and explore the collaboration between art and tech to inspire curiosity and spark creativity. Four artists will teach four different aspects of technology. We will learn about the diverse application of coding languages, big data, machine learning, and blockchain in creative and unexplored territories.

There will be four separate workshops during February 2022 led by artists where they will showcase their unique approach to technology and art. These artists challenge the boundaries of what we can do with technology and reveal new relationships between art and technology.


Liat Segal - Art and Tech Event

Code as a Material in Art


This workshop, led by contemporary media artist, Liat Segal, fuses art and technology together; introducing code as a working material for art.

Open-source culture and communities make more and more technological creative tools and development environments accessible to people with non-tech backgrounds. In the workshop, we will introduce a few of these tools for developing software and hardware in the context of art and design. We will go through examples of the creative use of sensors, motors, controllers, and software.

Language of the workshop: English

A Writing Workshop for Machines and Humans


This workshop will be led by Poet, software developer, and media artist, Eran Hadas.

How can computers generate texts? How do these texts differ from human ones? Can computers be as poetic as we are? Learn how to play with automatic text generators or imitate their techniques offline.

Language of the workshop: English

Eran Hadas - Art and Tech Events
Yonat Vaks - Art and Tech Event

La inevitabilidad de los NFTs y la Web 3.0


This workshop will be led by crypto artist Yonat Vaks.

Web3 is the next development of the internet, promising a decentralized web owned by its users and not centralized in the hands of big corporations. It is giving way to a creator economy through the use of NFTs. What does all this mean, and how can you be a part of it?

Language of the workshop: Spanish

Alimentando Algoritmos


This workshop will be led by, visual artists and UX designer, Liliana Farber.

Alimentando Algoritmos is a workshop that invites participants to inquire and explore the knowledge that their smart devices store. Through controlled experiments using your device, you can get immersed in the invisible world of algorithms and understand how these devices and algorithms are feeding on our daily interaction.

Language of the workshop: Spanish

Liliana Farber - Art and Tech Event

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