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How to Recognize a Good Art

  6.08.2014   nhindi   Blog Posts, Collecting Art

Many times friends ask me how to recognize good art/artist. There is no one recipe to do so though, one can learn how to do so. I couldn’t agree more

Tech Investors invest in Art Startups

The rise of startups that focus on the art world is somehow not surprising. This old market, which neither adopts nor opens to changes quickly, is starting to attract more

DesayunArte – Madrid, Art and Information

  13.07.2014   nhindi   Personal

From an art perspective, Madrid is well known for its leading museums, mostly Prado and Reina Sofia. However, Madrid is much more than that. Beside its leading museums, beautiful architecture,

“50 Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur” by John Rampton

It took me many years to understand that entrepreneurship is a mindset; that it is a long journey with many obstacles and disappointments as well as great moments. Few days

Art Basel 2014 Experience

  29.06.2014   nhindi   Personal

Last week I flew to Basel, Switzerland for the 2014 Art Basel exposition; what an exciting experience! The atmosphere in the city, the people, the fashion, and the parties are

Artists are Learning Entrepreneurship?

  14.06.2014   nhindi   Art and Business, Blog Posts

An interesting article I came across was published in Entrepreneur.com and dealt with a new trend; Though its from September 2013 I believe this is a new trend we will see

Q&A With Howard Lindzon

I had the honor to ask Howard Lindzon few questions as part of his participation in Venture Day at IE Business school. Howard is an entrepreneur, investor, and business angel. Here

Business Can Take Up The Slack in Arts Funding

  30.05.2014   nhindi   Art and Business, Blog Posts

It is not a secret that Art is based on support, both government as well as private. The benefits from supporting Art have been known in the business world since

A Special Offer to My Blog Readers!

  30.05.2014   nhindi   For Members

I’m very happy to provide my readers with a little something if they’re coming to Madrid. Recently I collaborated with Artgallerytour in order to give my readers a special price on

Geeks Meet Art – What Happen When Tech Savvy Meets the Art

Figuring out how to bring startup guys closer to the art world is a challenging one. In a previous post I wrote about an article published in The Wall Street