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Art Nature vs. Nurture

  25.05.2014   nhindi   Personal

On March 26, the IE Arts & Business Club had the honor to host Alejandro de Villota Ruiz for an exciting speech on the “Art Nature vs. Nurture”. Alejandro is

Announcement to my readers

  22.05.2014   nhindi   Art and Business

It has been few weeks since my last post as it was a hectic time for me. I will come back soon enough with more new posts and interesting subjects

London Art Exchange Democratization of Buying Art

  30.04.2014   nhindi   Art and Business, Blog Posts

More and more entrepreneurs are trying to find new business models in the skyrocketing art world. A few days ago I encountered a business model in which collectors can buy

Why Are Venture Capital Firms Snapping Up Designers?

  26.04.2014   nhindi   Art and Business, Blog Posts

In my previous post I discussed why the future of innovation belongs to artists and Designers..It was not shocking to read this article “Why VC Firms Are Snapping Up Designers”

Visiting ARCO Art Fair

  27.02.2014   nhindi   Personal

Spain’s leading art fair, the ARCO art fair, took place this weekend. It was a great event with international spirit to boost the energy. After two days aimed to attract

Using Art to Revive Economy

  8.02.2014   nhindi   Art and Economy, Blog Posts

It is a valid truth that the creative class contributes to the economy of cities and companies. However, this is not recognized when economists discuss ways to boost local economies.

The Mind of the Strategist

  12.01.2014   nhindi   Entrepreneurship, Personal

As preparation for my first class in Strategy i was required to read the The Mind of the strategist (The Mind of the Strategist: The Art of Japanese Business, McGraw-Hill, 1982.).

  12.06.2013   nhindi   Uncategorized

Creativity at Work Business companies are seeking to increase their employees’ creativity in order to increase the business performance through constant innovation. This search after the ways to increase creativity

  12.06.2013   nhindi   Uncategorized

Art and Engineering The intersection between art and engineering is not common or at least well known. Still there are engineers who believe that art and engineering sharing many things

  12.06.2013   nhindi   Uncategorized

Collecting Art Being an art collector is a prestigious image many high-end professionals are seeking, though collecting art is not only about image; it is about passion, love and desire