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Jim McKelvey, Square co-founder Talking on Art and Entrepreneurship

  20.03.2017   nhindi   Blog Posts, Interviews

Last October I attended South Summit, Spain’s largest startups, and investors conference. Normally tech conferences have similar speakers from similar industries but this time South Summit invited Jim McKelvey, and

The Artian is proud to join as one of Sonar D+ partners, ONE OF THE WORLD’S LEADING FESTIVALS

  16.03.2017   nhindi   News

We are so proud to join as one of Sonar+D festival! Sónar+D is the international conference that brings together a combination of activities with a common theme: the relationship between creativity

Business Lessons Artists can Teach us all

For quite some time, corporate business has capitalized on the idea of capitalistic professionalism. When we think of the “business world,” we imagine men in dark suits hurrying around a

The Importance of Ideation Practice

We are required to come up with ideas; for business or personal problems, for a business we want to start, for a party we want to host or for vacation

Five Movies to Ignite Your Innovative Thinking

We tend to think about innovation in the context of a business, scientific and technological, yet innovation can be found in other fields that influence our life. Art is one of

Differentiate they Say – but How? Art and Innovation as Differentiation Strategy

It seems that we are living in the “California Gold Rush,” the 19th century phenomena that led many to leave their homes and run to California in search of gold.

Interview with Abian Zaya, ITGallery Founder

  8.12.2016   nhindi   Art Startups, Blog Posts

Interview by Victoria Aróstegui Edit by TheArtian.com Team I’m meeting Abian Zaya on a rainy morning in the beautiful space of Travesía Cuatro. The grey of the outside Spanish sky is in

Recommended Books on The Intersection of Art, Business and Creativity

  28.11.2016   nhindi   Art and Business, Blog Posts

Many times I have been asked to recommend books on the topics of Art, Business, Entrepreneurship and Design. Here is the list, which I can just assume will grow larger because

Van Gogh is not only an incredible artist but can be a great partner for your next Marketing campaign

  20.11.2016   nhindi   Art and Business, Blog Posts

Article Written by Claudia González Fernández (Follow her on Linkedin and Instagram), Subject and Conceptualization: TheArtian.com Art has been used with commercial purposes since the old times with different aims:

Here is Someone You Should Bring onto Your Innovation Team

What is innovation? The dictionary defines it as “a new idea, device, or method.” Innovation is about the future — imagining and, more importantly, creating the products, services and ideas that will