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Famous Artists on Twitter and Instagram

As we all know, the social media is big part of everyone’s life. You can find some inspiration and discover the artists’ point of view via these social media tools.

Why the Future of Innovation Belongs to Artists and Designers

The word “creativity” is used over and over again in the context of innovation. If you type the search word “innovation” in Google Books, you will get more than 6.5 million

Art and Business – Networking Event

  6.04.2014   Nir Hindi   Personal

My involvement in the art and business world led me to create common events for the professionals of this world. One of these events we hosted in the museum was

Google’s New Ambitious Dev-art Project

TECHNOLOGY IS EVERYWHERE, AND THE PEOPLE THAT CREATE IT AND CREATE WITH IT ARE, AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, ARTISTS Dev-Art, the new project from Google in collaboration with London’s Barbican Centre,

Why Should You Hire Artists to Your Company?

It is a complex business world we live in and the increase of complexity is accelerating! Companies deal with many business aspects and fight for innovation and creativity. Companies are

New Museum Incubator is now accepting applications!

In previous post I wrote about the New Museum incubator for art, technology and design which will be opening in the summer of 2014. This week, the new incubator, which

Tel-Aviv – A Unique Startup Hub

  27.02.2014   Nir Hindi   Personal

“Really? Is that true? I didn’t know that!”  That is the common reaction I’m getting when I tell that Tel-Aviv was ranked at the startup Genome project as the second best Startup’s Eco-system

What Contemporary Art Can Teach CEO’s

Before reading this interview by Andrew M. Goldstein, published at ArtSpace, I thought to myself: how can CEOs and managers learn from Contemporary Art? This interview with entrepreneur Dana Beth Ardi deals

ARCO Art Fair is on this week in Madrid, Spain

ARCO Art Fair, the leading art fair of Spain will open this week on Wednesday 19 and will run untill Sunday 23. This year the fair opens with new hope, that

The Art of Business and the Business of Art

“ARTISTS TODAY ARE ENTREPRENEURS” – Here is a TED lecture that I find very interesting and can give many insights on how artists should incorporate business thinking and how business