Building a Creative Culture in the Workplace: A Visit to Google Quantum AI Labs

by | Nov 30, 2023

For at least three years, I’d been waiting for this visit, and it finally happened – visiting the Google Quantum AI research lab in Santa Barbara. This space is not only pioneering Google’s venture into the quantum future but also setting an example for building a creative culture that seamlessly weaves art and science.

The purpose of my visit? To witness firsthand the unique blend of creative and scientific vision led by my friends, Eric Lucero and Forest Stearns. Their approach stands as a prime example of fostering company culture and innovation through employee engagement and strong cultural foundations.

Driving Employees’ Pride

To some, integrating art in a high-tech lab might seem like adding just a beautiful painting on a wall. But as we believe, and as Google Quantum AI demonstrates, it’s much more. I realized its true impact when I saw an employee excitedly showing his wife around. As I sat there, working on my laptop, I observed his enthusiasm as he shared the art pieces adorning the lab. The pride in his eyes was more than evident. It struck me how art in the workplace can significantly boost employee engagement, motivation, and inspiration. Here, art isn’t just decoration; it’s a vital part of the lab’s identity. Every piece, uniquely made by Forest and the employees, integrates the ideas, vision, and mission of Google Quantum AI, creating an emotional and personal connection and fostering a creative culture within the team.


Employees’ Recognition

But the influence of art here extends beyond merely engaging employees. As Eric showed me around, I saw how scientific research studies and breakthroughs were artistically presented, capturing the essence of creative leadership. The entire lab design, dotted with thoughtful artwork, was not just aesthetically pleasing but also a powerful tool to communicate the lab’s vision and celebrate its teams’ achievements. This artistic approach to showcasing their work turns the lab into a living narrative of progress and creativity.



Articulating Vision

During our discussions, we explored how art can encapsulate and communicate complex scientific ideas in a way that’s both relatable and inspiring. If you are interested in learning more about their work, check out our podcast episodes where we had in-depth conversations with both Erik and Forest. These episodes provide further insights into their innovative approach at Google Quantum AI Labs.

Eric, as the site lead, embodies creative leadership by integrating art and fostering a creative vision alongside scientific endeavors, a crucial aspect of the groundbreaking research happening here. Our conversations over these two days have reaffirmed my belief: truly creative and innovative companies are the result of innovative and creative individuals who build and guide them.

It goes beyond merely adding a splash of color or a touch of elegance; it’s about nurturing an environment where creativity is not just welcomed but celebrated, where achievements are not only recognized but visually immortalized, and where each team member feels an integral part of a grand, innovative journey.


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