Business Can Take Up The Slack in Arts Funding

by | May 30, 2014

2013-06-01 14.46.56It is not a secret that Art is based on support, both government as well as private. The benefits from supporting Art have been known in the business world since the ’50s and ’60s. The support of the business world enabled Art to flourish and dared artists to create challenging and interesting projects. The “Bilbao effect”, already a term used to describe the effect of cultural institutions on the local economy is just an example of how art can contribute to the business. To give you an idea, visitors spent more than 100 million Euros in the first three years since the edification of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

In his article, “Business can take up the slack in arts funding,” which was published in the Financial Times, Peter Aspden suggests why the business world should continue to support the Arts and finishes his article with, “how an optimistic version of the future looks: the creativity of the artist and the business leader working together, helping to bring a different kind of idealism back to the question of Europe’s cultural health.” I cannot agree more. Read his article HERE.


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