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Artists – A New Type of Startups Founders

As of May 2019, Shutterstock's market value is $1.43 billion, Snap’s is $15 billion, Airbnb’s is $35 billion and Square’s is $28.65 billion. If you think about what these companies

Robert Rauschenberg’s Rules For Innovation

There are many role models for innovators in the business and entrepreneurship worlds. But, why limit oneself to this space when looking for stimulation? At The Artian, when we seek

One Question Each Manager Should Ask Before Climbing the Innovation Mountain

Companies’ executives are obsessed with innovation. In the journey of enterprises to lead in their industries (and for many, to survive), these organizations, especially large corporations, understand that startups and

The Importance of Ideation Practice

We are required to come up with ideas; for business or personal problems, for a business we want to start, for a party we want to host or for vacation

Five Movies to Ignite Your Innovative Thinking

We tend to think about innovation in the context of a business, scientific and technological, yet innovation can be found in other fields that influence our life. Art is one of

Differentiate they Say – but How? Art and Innovation as Differentiation Strategy

It seems that we are living in the “California Gold Rush,” the 19th century phenomena that led many to leave their homes and run to California in search of gold.

Here is Someone You Should Bring onto Your Innovation Team

What is innovation? The dictionary defines it as “a new idea, device, or method.” Innovation is about the future — imagining and, more importantly, creating the products, services and ideas that will

The Role of Art in Innovation Skills Development

In a previous post, we wrote about the need to bring back the Renaissance thinking: combining art with science, engineering, math, and other disciplines. Since TheArtian’s mission is to inspire and train companies

Why Art may be Key in Innovation

Innovation is key to the success of any corporation in the modern age. For many companies, however, the question of how to achieve innovation remains a mystery. Companies are approaching

What Innovators Can Learn From Artists

The conversation about Innovation in the business world focuses mainly on technology and services that can change industries. Yet, the innovation challenge seems hard to tackle; companies struggle to innovate