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Artists – A New Type of Startups Founders

As of May 2019, Shutterstock's market value is $1.43 billion, Snap’s is $15 billion, Airbnb’s is $35 billion and Square’s is $28.65 billion. If you think about what these companies

Technology at The Service of Art – an Interview with Second Canvas co-Founder

TheArtian is Happy to host Victoria Aróstegui as a guest interviewer on the topic of Art, Technology and Entrepreneurship. TheArtian: Iñaki could you please briefly introduce MadPixel? Iñaki Arredondo: We founded Madpixel

Planet Labs Artist-in-Residence Program – an Interview

Planet Labs is an American Earth imaging company which designs and manufactures Triple-CubeSat miniature satellites called Doves that are then delivered into orbit as passengers on other missions. Planet Labs uniqueness comes

Living Between The Digital and Analog Worlds – An Interview With The Artist Enrique Radigales

  I’m meeting Enrique on one rainy winter day in his Madrid’s home studio in a rising neighborhood which used to be the Jewish quarter and now has become the

Art – The New Means to Boost Creativity in Startups

Everyone knows Steve Jobs, the genius who knew how to create innovative, beautiful and extremely futuristic products. The master in combining ideas, technology and art in ways that invented the

What is The New Hobby of Tech Entrepreneurs and How Does Paul Allen, Microsoft’s Co-Founder, Play a role?

If you are a tech entrepreneur you are probably familiar with some of the last years’ hobbies in trend for people like you; among them surfing and kiteboarding. Kiteboarding, for

Alex Chung – Interview

I’m always looking to share the experiences and knowledge entrepreneurs have when engaging with art. I truly believe that entrepreneurs and artists have many things in common. I was so grateful

Where Should Google Art Project Go?

  Google Art Project is a project that I value and love the most from Google, and is one of my favorites. The Google Art Project was launched in 2011 and

Art is Data – Guest Post by Juan Luis Suarez

  I’m honored to have Juan Luis Suarez, the head of CulturalPlex, as a guest writer on The Artian. We met each other at IE Business school and our common

Luxury Brands Are Changing the Game in Supporting Art

  Big corporations and luxury brands that support the arts is nothing new. I wrote about it in the past after attending a panel named “Art as a Corporate Value”