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When Developers meet Art – Interview with Isabel Draves

    Digital artists and digital art seem to be becoming more and more popular. Though digital artists were active from the 60’s, it wasn’t until the recent years that

The Future IT Employees Will Need Art in Their Lives

Exciting! That’s what I have to say. I guess that it is time for me to get used to the fact that more and more organizations, policy makers, institutions and

Hack The Art World – The Counter Digital Art Exhibition

It is not a secret that digital art is taking a more central place in the art scene. New technologies attract more people to create artworks in the digital medium.

Apple’s New Art Project

Apple, one of the leading companies in design and art, does it again. At the end of December the company launched its new global campaign for its new project “Start

Do You Know Google Art Project?

If not, this post is for you. Though Google Art Project  has been here for a few years, I found it important to mention it once again as it is

How Art Makes Engineering More Powerful

“Art is not about being decorative but it is a different way of communicating ideas,  and in fact one that can bridge the world of knowledge and insights” said Bran

Tech Investors invest in Art Startups

The rise of startups that focus on the art world is somehow not surprising. This old market, which neither adopts nor opens to changes quickly, is starting to attract more

Geeks Meet Art – What Happen When Tech Savvy Meets the Art

Figuring out how to bring startup guys closer to the art world is a challenging one. In a previous post I wrote about an article published in The Wall Street

Google’s New Ambitious Dev-art Project

TECHNOLOGY IS EVERYWHERE, AND THE PEOPLE THAT CREATE IT AND CREATE WITH IT ARE, AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, ARTISTS Dev-Art, the new project from Google in collaboration with London’s Barbican Centre,

Now It’s the Los Angeles Museum’s Turn to Integrate Technology with Art

Few weeks ago i wrote about the new initIative of the New Museum and its Startups incubator. Now its the Los Angeles County Museum of Art turns to integrate Technology with