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How Museums are Taking the Tech World into Consideration

After reading and hearing about the New Museum New Startups Incubator, I encountered more and more information about Art and Tech. I wonder why (or shall I not?) but most

Startup The Art Brings creativity to your organization

I don’t know if its a trend or already established collaboration but recently I find more and more articles about art startups, incubators that focus on art and creative fields,

Seven leading artists meets Seven luminary technologists

The New Museum seems to be a leading institution in combining technology and art. Besides the NEWINC, its up-coming startup incubator for the creative field; it’s organizing a cool, fun

The Art World Comes Closer to The Tech World

I always claims that Art, Business, Technology….its all about creativity…..how interesting is to hear that the New York’s New Museum, a leading museum based in NYC,  will launch an incubator for

Why Artsy Is Succeeding In Putting The Art World Online?

Why Artsy Is Succeeding In Putting The Art World Online? How technology and startups changing the Art world? Why is Artsy, the hottest name in the Art-Tech world is so