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Technology in the Spanish Art Market – Guest Post

  3.09.2016   nhindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

We are happy to join The Art Market Agency Spain in their conference on the Spanish Art Market. We asked Juan Antonio Rodríguez, founder of the agency to share with

The Art Market Counterproductive to Creativity – Olafur Eliasson

  27.06.2015   nhindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

Just before his new exhibition’s opening at the Langen Foundation, the artist Olafur Eliasson was interviewed by Artsy. Besides talking about his exhibition, Eliasson talked about the art market, creativity

Art Pricing

  27.03.2015   nhindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

How to value art is one of the most common questions among many people – art lovers, collectors, professionals and outsiders. How you can estimate something that has a non-physical

Yes…But This is Art?

  19.03.2015   nhindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

“I don’t know what art is,” said Marin Creed, a world renowned artist and Turner Prize winner. I have to admit that many times I feel the same. Looking at

What Makes Art Valuable?

  25.08.2014   nhindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

The prices of artworks seem to keep breaking new records. The question “What is The Value of Art?” is a valid one and many people ask me that question. The reasons

Art & Finance Report 2014

  20.08.2014   nhindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

The Art and Finance Report by Deloitte gives a closer look at the growing Art & Finance industry – investing in art: buying, selling, market prices etc. From Deloitte’s website: This

Are The Art Market Prices Rising Up Too High?

  16.01.2014   Nir Hindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

Many of my friends and colleagues ask me if there is a bubble in the art world? Are these high prices normal? I have to confess that I find it

Art Market & Infrastructure

  24.12.2013   Nir Hindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

A panel took place at Skate’s Art Market Research and Mana Contemporary International Art Industry Forum, New York in last November. For more details on the forum click: https://www.artindustryforum.com/events/past/Art-Market-Infrastructure This

Lessons Learned From The Art Market Crash of 2008

  24.11.2013   Nir Hindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

Though it is a bit old, i still think that this video can gain you with insights about the Art market. This video was taken during the Art & Finance

Six Risks To The Global Art Market in 2014

  30.06.2013   Nir Hindi   Art Market, Blog Posts

Like any other market the art market as well have risks. What are the biggest risks to the art market in 2014? What is the very worst thing that could happen