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Jim McKelvey, Square co-founder Talking on Art and Entrepreneurship

  20.03.2017   nhindi   Blog Posts, Interviews

Last October I attended South Summit, Spain’s largest startups, and investors conference. Normally tech conferences have similar speakers from similar industries but this time South Summit invited Jim McKelvey, and

Creativity for Managers – an Interview With David Millan Planelles

  28.03.2016   nhindi   Blog Posts, Interviews

I had the great honor to meet and get to know David Millán Planelles’s philosophy. David is the founder of Millan & Co – Executive Management Consultancy and Associate Professor


  13.02.2016   nhindi   Blog Posts, Interviews

TheArtian is Happy to host Christelle Roubaud as a guest interviewer on the topic of Business in Art.  We want to Thank both Christelle and Julie for an interesting interview!   While

Living Between The Digital and Analog Worlds – An Interview With The Artist Enrique Radigales

  I’m meeting Enrique on one rainy winter day in his Madrid’s home studio in a rising neighborhood which used to be the Jewish quarter and now has become the

Interview with Douglas Rushkoff

  9.01.2016   nhindi   Blog Posts, Interviews

  I had the great opportunity to interview Douglas Rushkoff. Rushkoff is one of the most interesting speakers you can listen to. His ideas are challenging, eye-openings and thought-provoking.  Rushkoff

Marek Zabicki, entrepreneur and founder of Arteia in an Interview

At The Artian we frequently write about the intersection between art and entrepreneurship. We already wrote in the past why we believe that entrepreneurs and artists are alike. So interviewing entrepreneurs that

Alex Chung – Interview

I’m always looking to share the experiences and knowledge entrepreneurs have when engaging with art. I truly believe that entrepreneurs and artists have many things in common. I was so grateful

When Developers meet Art – Interview with Isabel Draves

    Digital artists and digital art seem to be becoming more and more popular. Though digital artists were active from the 60’s, it wasn’t until the recent years that

Oliver Roehl – Interview on photography and art investment

  9.07.2015   nhindi   Blog Posts, Interviews

  I met Oliver Roehl during Arco Art fair on February 2014. He was one of the participants in a professional panel called “INSIDE COLLECTING: DESIGN, MANAGEMENT, AND FINANCE”. So when I

Soledad Lorenzo – an Interview

  5.02.2015   nhindi   Blog Posts, Interviews

I entered the Paper Pavilion to meet Soledad Lorenzo, one of the most influential women in the history of the Spanish art scene. Lorenzo has come to IE Business School