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Creativity for Managers – an Interview With David Millan Planelles

  28.03.2016   nhindi   Blog Posts, Interviews

I had the great honor to meet and get to know David Millán Planelles’s philosophy. David is the founder of Millan & Co – Executive Management Consultancy and Associate Professor

Renaissance Florence as a Model For Innovation

We have been writing about the need to revitalize the arts and the science practically as it has been shown in renaissance Florence. Leonardo Da Vinci is a great example


  13.02.2016   nhindi   Blog Posts, Interviews

TheArtian is Happy to host Christelle Roubaud as a guest interviewer on the topic of Business in Art.  We want to Thank both Christelle and Julie for an interesting interview!   While

Living Between The Digital and Analog Worlds – An Interview With The Artist Enrique Radigales

  I’m meeting Enrique on one rainy winter day in his Madrid’s home studio in a rising neighborhood which used to be the Jewish quarter and now has become the

Art – The New Means to Boost Creativity in Startups

Everyone knows Steve Jobs, the genius who knew how to create innovative, beautiful and extremely futuristic products. The master in combining ideas, technology and art in ways that invented the

Interview with Douglas Rushkoff

  9.01.2016   nhindi   Blog Posts, Interviews

  I had the great opportunity to interview Douglas Rushkoff. Rushkoff is one of the most interesting speakers you can listen to. His ideas are challenging, eye-openings and thought-provoking.  Rushkoff

The Need To Revitalize The Arts And Science

“We need to revitalize the arts and sciences of today; we need to take responsibility for the future” said Mae Carol Jemison in 2002. 13 years after and it seems that only

Connecting Art to Science (and Innovation)

Innovation is a fundamental key for any modern business corporation success. Yet the question of how to achieve innovation remains an enigmatic question for many companies. The role of science

Want Innovative Thinking? Hire from the Arts

When it comes to the business world the common job post we see requires “experienced” or “MBA preferred”, but in an era when companies are competing and struggling to find the next innovative idea why not

Innovation Through an Artist’s Work

I look at artists as creators and inventors and always draw inspiration from them. There are many lessons that innovators can learn from artists and it is no wonder that