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@Peace – Youth Leading through Art and Social Media

  11.05.2016   nhindi   Blog Posts, Personal

The project @Peace, initiated by TheArtian.com, and with the Support and collaboration of the US Embassy, wishes to bring Jewish and Arab youths closer through art. The project started in May

The Opening of Madrid’s Art Season

  9.09.2015   nhindi   Personal

  Like every year, the month of September is devoted to the Spanish plastic arts and cultural industries. Apertura Madrid is the main event of this month and it is

Recommended Art Galleries in Madrid

  8.06.2015   nhindi   Personal

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a vibrant, cool, beautiful and energetic city. More importantly, it is also cultural and artistic. Besides its three big museums, Museo Del Prado, Reina

Art and Tech in Barcelona

  2.05.2015   nhindi   Blog Posts, Personal

Two weeks ago I found myself in Barcelona. That great beach city has a lot to offer and my trip focused on two: startups and art (wait for my post

New Media & Art in Education

  23.04.2015   nhindi   Blog Posts, Personal

As you probably have noticed 🙂 art and entrepreneurship are close subjects to my heart. Besides being involved in Young Entrepreneurs Israel (a member of Junior Achievement), which educates young

Google Startup Launch

  16.04.2015   nhindi   Entrepreneurship, Personal

Entrepreneurship and art are two subjects that are close to my heart and reside in my life. In a previous post I wrote why entrepreneurs are artists and in another

Engaging MBA’s With Art

  18.03.2015   nhindi   Personal

Engaging young professionals with art is, in many ways, a personal belief I have. I truly believe that art contributes to one’s life and can provide mental, emotional, social and

“This is Water” – David Foster Wallace

  24.02.2015   nhindi   Personal

There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says “Morning, boys. How’s the

ARCOMadrid is Back!

  20.02.2015   nhindi   Personal

February in Madrid means Art! The 34th edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair, ARCOmadrid, is about to open next week. The fair will open on Wednesday February 25 (for the

Motti Mizrahi – Scale

  17.02.2015   nhindi   Personal

“The more I work in small scale the bigger I can see because I’m not being caught by the details but by the essence; then the details come. But the