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The Artian Activities – Now Online

  2.04.2020   The Artian   Uncategorized

Is it possible? Will it be impactful? Am I going to results? These, we guess, are some of the questions managers are asking when thinking about online training. Getting used

The Artian at ITAM | MEXICO

  4.02.2020   OFFICE   Events, News, Uncategorized

As part of our visit to Mexico, we will speak at Instituto Tecnologico Autonomico de Mexico (ITAM) on February 19, 12:30 pm. ITAM is a private Mexican institution of higher


  2.02.2020   OFFICE   Events, News, Uncategorized

We are excited about taking the mindset of The Artian to many places in the world. This time we will visit Mexico’s great university: IBERO. IBERO (IBEROAMERICAN UNIVERSITY) has dedicated itself


  10.01.2020   OFFICE   Events, News, Uncategorized

On January 16, 2020, the Immune Technology institute will host us for a talk about the role of art in business. IMMUNE Technology Institute is the first coding and programming institute


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On their December Issue, AXIS Magazine in Japan featured Nir in the design leaders section. Over four pages, the magazine covered Nir’s conference with Boston Consulting Group in Tokyo and

The Artian at Newspicks | JAPAN

  6.12.2019   OFFICE   media, News, Uncategorized

On December 5, Newspicks, one of Japan's leading business magazines, published an in-depth interview with Nir Hindi.  In their "The Prophet" series, Newspicks introduces new ideas, a movement of the

Asia Pacific Tour November 2019

  18.10.2019   The Artian   News, Uncategorized

We are super excited to announce our next tour to Asia. This time we will visit South Korea, Japan, India, Australia, and China. Stay tuned with the different events.

The Autodesk Artist-in-Residence Program – Insightful Interview

  26.05.2016   nhindi   Blog Posts, Uncategorized

Creativity and innovation are the name of the game in today’s business world, and many companies are seeking different ways to boost creativity. One of these involves creating a hot

ARCOMadrid is Back and This Year it celebrates 35th Anniversary with an exceptional and one-of-a-kind edition

  12.02.2016   nhindi   Uncategorized

Like every year, February in Madrid is the Art month full of events, openings, visitors which mix in to this vivid and amazing city. ARCOmadrid will open this Wednesday, February

Developers-Artists-Engineers? We’re Looking For You!

  1.02.2016   nhindi   Uncategorized

Spanish Version Below “Engineering and art aren’t that different” said Marissa Mayer in a previous interview with the founder of SalesForce; Paul Graham, the co-founder of Y-combinator, probably the best startups incubator