Cryptoart: Behind the Curtain of NFT Headlines

by | Jun 22, 2021

On June 30, 2021, Nir took part in the session “Cryptoart: Behind the Curtain of NFT Headlines” as part of 4YFN Barcelona – a 4-day event involving the international startup community. 

About the Event:

The yearly event brings together the international startup community where innovators, founders, creators, and leaders gather to shape the future. It is the perfect event for, founders to search for investment opportunities, tech aficionados to find inspiration, and investors to look for cutting-edge founders showcasing the latest technologies. 

About the Session:

The ability to create real-world scarcity for digital objects through NFT’s and the resulting record-breaking auctions has generated a major uptick in interest around this technology and the crypto space. Alongside cryptoartist – Yonat Vaks, and interdisciplinary artist – Lans King, Nir discussed how artists work with crypto and how the technology is shaping the art space.

Lans King – Transdisciplinary Artist

Yonat Vaks – Crypto Artist

Nir Hindi – Founder of The Artian

The Full Panel:

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