Jazzing Up the Workplace: How Employee Experience Drives Company Culture

by | Dec 5, 2023

Recently, I had a great conversation with an EX industry expert who gave me a renewed perspective on the role of Employee Experience in bringing a company’s core values and culture to life. I couldn’t help but think how much their description reminded me of the way a jazz band operates. Here’s why:

Imagine the workplace as a jazz band, where both improvisation and harmony come together to create a captivating performance. Here, EX plays the role of a skilful band leader, orchestrating an environment with both spontaneity and structure.


Crafting Human Connections

While all musicians may know how to read sheet music and keep the tempo (read metrics and meet deadlines), not every band can successfully improvise and make a song their own. Great EX departments do the same, they can move beyond solely collecting and monitoring data to understanding and connecting with employees on a human level, delivering experiences that reflect it.

Empathy – A Compass in Performance

In jazz, responding to each other’s cues is essential. This mirrors the role of empathy in EX, where understanding employees’ needs and producing initiatives that resonate with everyone are hallmarks of success. Take the onboarding experience, for example. This is the first impression new employees get of a company; much like a well-tuned ensemble greeting a new musician, EX must design a process that enables a newcomer to complement the company’s sound while showing they can grow and develop their own.

Balancing Diverse Musical Styles

Just as a jazz band blends various musical instruments and styles, EX combines analytical and creative thinking. Designing EX strategies built for both ‘science’ (data-driven) and ‘art’ (creative) minded employees, ensuring a performance that resonates with a diverse audience. However, the human side remains the underlying foundation for all initiatives.

Cultivating a Dynamic Ensemble

Just as a jazz band evolves with each performance, company culture is dynamically nurtured by EX. For example, jazz bands often reinterpret classic tunes, giving them new life. In EX, this translates to taking established core values and finding innovative ways to express and reinforce them within the company.


Employee Experience (EX) is the key to harmonizing a company’s core values with its everyday culture. Like a skilled jazz band that blends individual talents to create a cohesive sound, EX integrates diverse employee experiences into a unified, vibrant workplace. Core values should not just be aspirational but actively shape interactions and objectives in a company.


We help companies bring value to life, highlight what is human in their work, and create a diverse inspiration for innovation. Interested in transforming your workplace culture with these principles? Reach out to us to explore how we can work together to make your organization resonate like a finely tuned jazz band.



By Santiago Ordoñez

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