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Using Art to Revive Economy
nhindi | 8 February

It is a valid truth that the creative class contributes to the economy of cities and companies. However, this is

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The Art of Business and the Business of Art
Nir Hindi | 30 January

“ARTISTS TODAY ARE ENTREPRENEURS” – Here is a TED lecture that I find very interesting and can give many insights

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Are The Art Market Prices Rising Up Too High?
Nir Hindi | 16 January

Many of my friends and colleagues ask me if there is a bubble in the art world? Are these high

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Are You Interested in Buying Art? Here Are Few Misconceptions about Buying Art that You Need to Know of
Nir Hindi | 10 January

I came back from the holidays which was wonderful to bring you more information, data and knowledge regarding the art

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2013 Culture Quiz – Come Test Yourself
Nir Hindi | 31 December

Just before 2013 comes to its end, here is a culture quiz published at Huffington post. Which exhibition was a

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2014 Must See Art Exhibitions
Nir Hindi | 26 December

This time of the year, the holidays season, gives us the opportunity to plan our next year vacation…. If you

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Art Market & Infrastructure
Nir Hindi | 24 December

A panel took place at Skate’s Art Market Research and Mana Contemporary International Art Industry Forum, New York in last

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Now It’s the Los Angeles Museum’s Turn to Integrate Technology with Art
Nir Hindi | 18 December

Few weeks ago i wrote about the new initIative of the New Museum and its Startups incubator. Now its the Los

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Art
Nir Hindi | 10 December

Since cave times people have used art as a means of communication and expression using whichever tools are around them.

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How Museums are Taking the Tech World into Consideration
Nir Hindi | 4 December

After reading and hearing about the New Museum New Startups Incubator, I encountered more and more information about Art and

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Startup The Art Brings creativity to your organization
Nir Hindi | 2 December

I don’t know if its a trend or already established collaboration but recently I find more and more articles about

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How to Look at Art
Nir Hindi | 30 November

How to Look at Art is a nice comics made by Grant Snider and was published on Meduim. Snider describes

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