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Differentiate they Say – but How? Art and Innovation as Differentiation Strategy
nhindi | 19 December
It seems that we are living in the “California Gold Rush,” the 19th century phenomena that led many to leave
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Interview with Abian Zaya, ITGallery Founder
nhindi | 8 December
Interview by Victoria Aróstegui Edit by TheArtian.com Team I’m meeting Abian Zaya on a rainy morning in the beautiful space of Travesía
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Recommended Books on The Intersection of Art, Business and Creativity
nhindi | 28 November

Many times I have been asked to recommend books on the topics of Art, Business, Entrepreneurship and Design. Here is the

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Van Gogh is not only an incredible artist but can be a great partner for your next Marketing campaign
nhindi | 20 November

Article Written by Claudia González Fernández (Follow her on Linkedin and Instagram), Subject and Conceptualization: TheArtian.com Art has been used

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Here is Someone You Should Bring onto Your Innovation Team
nhindi | 18 October

What is innovation? The dictionary defines it as “a new idea, device, or method.” Innovation is about the future — imagining and,

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Technology at The Service of Art – an Interview with Second Canvas co-Founder
nhindi | 13 September

TheArtian is Happy to host Victoria Aróstegui as a guest interviewer on the topic of Art, Technology and Entrepreneurship. TheArtian:

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Technology in the Spanish Art Market – Guest Post
nhindi | 3 September

We are happy to join The Art Market Agency Spain in their conference on the Spanish Art Market. We asked

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Planet Labs Artist-in-Residence Program – an Interview
nhindi | 24 June

Planet Labs is an American Earth imaging company which designs and manufactures Triple-CubeSat miniature satellites called Doves that are then delivered into

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The Role of Art in Innovation Skills Development
nhindi | 6 June

In a previous post, we wrote about the need to bring back the Renaissance thinking: combining art with science, engineering, math,

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The Autodesk Artist-in-Residence Program – Insightful Interview
nhindi | 26 May

Creativity and innovation are the name of the game in today’s business world, and many companies are seeking different ways

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Why Art may be Key in Innovation
nhindi | 17 May

Innovation is key to the success of any corporation in the modern age. For many companies, however, the question of

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@Peace – Youth Leading through Art and Social Media
nhindi | 11 May

The project @Peace, initiated by TheArtian.com, and with the Support and collaboration of the US Embassy, wishes to bring Jewish and

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