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Art is Data – Guest Post by Juan Luis Suarez
nhindi | 10 August

  I’m honored to have Juan Luis Suarez, the head of CulturalPlex, as a guest writer on The Artian. We

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The Dictatorship of Art – Jonathan Meese
nhindi | 7 August


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Luxury Brands Are Changing the Game in Supporting Art
nhindi | 3 August

  Big corporations and luxury brands that support the arts is nothing new. I wrote about it in the past

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When Developers meet Art – Interview with Isabel Draves
nhindi | 29 July

    Digital artists and digital art seem to be becoming more and more popular. Though digital artists were active

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When Co-Working Space Changes the Way Startups approach Art
nhindi | 17 July

Second Home, a London based co-working space (and I would add that this word doesn’t do justice to this beautiful

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Art Startup – Depict
nhindi | 14 July

From time to time I like to write about Art Startups. It seems that this is the new hot topic

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Oliver Roehl – Interview on photography and art investment
nhindi | 9 July

  I met Oliver Roehl during Arco Art fair on February 2014. He was one of the participants in a

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Entrepreneurship is an Art Not a Job – Steve Blank
nhindi | 2 July

The more I’m digging into the similarities between artists and entrepreneurs the more I see many successful tech leaders that

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The Art Market Counterproductive to Creativity – Olafur Eliasson
nhindi | 27 June

Just before his new exhibition’s opening at the Langen Foundation, the artist Olafur Eliasson was interviewed by Artsy. Besides talking

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Why Are Entrepreneurs and Artists alike
nhindi | 1 June

I recently finished reading a book which in many ways I found inspiring. This was because it managed to put

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The Future IT Employees Will Need Art in Their Lives
nhindi | 19 May

Exciting! That’s what I have to say. I guess that it is time for me to get used to the

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Juan Miró – Artist and Entrepreneur
nhindi | 12 May

I got the chance to visit Barcelona to participate in the second edition of Google launchpad (read more about it

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