Geeks Meet Art – What Happen When Tech Savvy Meets the Art

by | May 27, 2014



Figuring out how to bring startup guys closer to the art world is a challenging one. In a previous post, I wrote about an article published in The Wall Street Journal that dealt with “The New High-Tech Patrons” of art. Silicon Valley, the most important place in the world for tech and innovation, is starting to see a new phenomenon: geeks-meet-art.
This phenomenon starts with art fairs in the bay area, fairs such as ART Silicon Valley and Silicon Valley contemporary. The initiative is continued with spaces for technology and art such as Zero1.

In Allison McCarthy‘s article, “Blooming arts scene in the heart of the tech world,” published in the SanFransisco Gate, the spaces, museums, and events taking place in the bay area that bring art and technology together are reviewed.

Read Allison McCarthy’s article HERE.


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