Entrepreneurship and art are two subjects that are close to my heart and reside in my life. In a previous post I wrote why entrepreneurs are artists and in another post why artists are entrepreneurs. As such I’m trying to foster and enhance the entrepreneurship experience wherever I am.

Therefore I organized recently an event with Google for international entrepreneurs in Madrid. On Wednesday, March 11, took place the first edition of Google Startup Launch in collaboration with IE business school, where I used to study.

Google Startup Launch “provides startups in all stages with the platform, resources, online content, mentorship and training they need to succeed. From first idea to successful implementation and growth, Google Developer’s mission is to help startups worldwide become successful on the Google Developers platform and open-source technologies,” as written on their webpage.

20 startups coming from the IE community got free technological mentorship from Google’s experts, members of Google Developer Groups. The diverse entrepreneurs who participated were a mix of non-technical founders, business-oriented and some with technical experience. The participants got 45-60 minutes exclusive support to their startup on the subjects of web, mobile or cloud technologies. The results and feedback were extremely positive, which will lead to future collaborations.



Google Startup Launch allows its participants to learn (in case they still don’t know) all the weak points of their startup and work on solving them. It doesn’t matter if their startup is in the ideation stage, validation stage or pivoting stage. The participation gives a deep and intense experience if one is taking the best out of the mentors and the other entrepreneurs.

That’s a great opportunity to thanks Andres-Leonardo Martinez-Ortiz, Developer Program Manager at Google Spain and his team Ismael Faro, Abdón Rodríguez Davila and Tomas Gonzalez.

If you are interested in future events around Madrid stay tuned by contacting me at [email protected] or follow me on twitter @nirhindi.

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