2013-12-10 23.23.38The popularity of art in recent years increases the interest among young professionals, who want to engage with art more and more. Art is cool, sophisticated, the right thing…many reasons. Though many young professionals desire to engage with art not many are doing so. Why?

Throughout history, art has been seen as a closed circle, one that belongs to the rich and to the professionals of the inner art world: artists, curators, critics etc. This perception I believe has created a mental entry barrier. I had a different experience and with the help of great people I entered into the art world. I combined my desire to learn with the nearly unlimited technology of our day that allows everyone who has such a desire to acquire knowledge and engage with art. My experience made me decide to encourage more young professionals to engage with art and there wasn’t a better way to start than among my friends in the MBA program at IE Business School, where I study today. I believe that everyone can be engage with art and benefit from it; it opens one’s mind, it challenges beliefs and it’s a way to communicate ideas in a different way.

Our purpose when establishing the IE Art and Business club was to allow young professionals, especially MBAs, to learn about the aesthetic aspect of art as well as the business aspect and the opportunities in the art world.

2013-12-10 23.23.52The IE Art and Business club (IEAB) aims to provide knowledge and familiarity for young people interested in art and interested in business opportunities, whether starting their own collection or working as a wealth manager or family wealth planner. In addition, the art and technology space is popular among Venture Capitalists, who invest in art startups and even hire designers and artists to be part of their professional teams. Our activities bring leading professionals from this world: gallery owners, collectors, investors and others who will bring their experience into the club and educate students.

The benefit for MBAs, who are the future managers in many businesses and industries, is even bigger when they have the ability to learn how to encourage creativity in their companies using arts. The future of innovation lies in the ability to challenge the status quo and to encourage creativity. The arts encompass it all: challenges, creativity, asking questions and promoting ideas.

It’s clear that the benefits for MBA’s are many and our club aims to allow them to experiences this unique and beautiful world;

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