“I cannot think of my work as entirely my work. In a sense, I’m only a transmitter” Panayiotis Vassilakis (Takis).

Takis is one of the ground-breaking and original artists to date. In his work, he explored, for the first time, the possibilities of electromagnetism.

We visited Takis’ exhibition at the Tate Modern, London, and saw his beautiful sculptures, suspended metal objects in space using magnets. Seeing these sculptures, we couldn’t stop thinking about leadership and purpose or a “calling,” as some may say.

Often we are encouraged to find our purpose or “calling” in life: the reason we are here in this world; the reason we do what we do; why we wake up in the morning. These sculptures reminded us that calling and purpose are just like magnets. They pull you to them – firmly. You may try to avoid it, but it will always be energy that captivates, attracts, and pulls you. How often do you read about professionals who left what they were doing to pursue their “real” calling? How often do you think about it yourself?

These magnets made us think about leaders and purpose. Can a leader be a magnet?

Passing on energy, or shall I say, purpose, is the role of business leaders today. “I’m only a transmitter,” said Takis, and leaders are transmitters of their companies’ mission. They are the ones who set the vision and open the possibilities, but at the same time, they need to transfer this electromagnetic power of purpose to their teams.

At The Artian, we see our purpose as bringing back the Renaissance Thinking in business; starting a new conversation that eliminates the artificial barrier between disciplines, and fostering a holistic approach that pushes the organization forward – but really forward.

So what is your calling? What is your company’s purpose?